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Hello gentle reader, this page comprises a listing of places in Singapore that kids would enjoy. The Pilgrim family has been to some though not all of these places. I’ll continue to add to this site. If you have recommendations and posts, do feel free to share them and I’ll be happy to link to them as well.

One response to “Places To Go

  1. Hi Pilgrim Mom,

    Here’s some info on Sungei Buloh!

    This is a great place to go if you want a bit of seabreeze without sand AND you live in the northwestern part of the island, otherwise, it’s a hike!

    (a) You can use a stroller!
    (b) There’s a bridge from which stones can be plonked into a wide river (and there are handy stones). This is my 2.5 year old’s fave activity at the moment. This is right in front of the visitor’s centre and already a nice place to hang out even if you go no further into the reserve.
    (c) Some of Singapore’s bigger (hence more spottable by small eyes) birds reside here such as herons, egrets,, eagles and kingfishers.
    (d) There’s an activity/info centre with buttons to push.
    (e) The Nasi Lemak at the cafe is pretty good!
    (f) Entrance is 1 dollar for adults and 50 cents for kids. Free if you go before 7.30am.

    Remember to:
    (a) Use mosquito repellent
    (b) Keep hold of the little ones especially on the boardwalks where railings are not childproof.
    (c) Go early in the morning or in the late afternoon or it will be too hot.
    (d) Best times to visit birdwise are between Oct and Feb.


    Singapore birds that it’s fun and easy to get to know:
    Oriole (flying banana bird), Koel (noisy oh-oh bird), Cattle Egret (stalks around at the end of the road), Mina (numerous), Sunbird (various, especially Crimson), Kingfisher (various).

    Check out


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