A light rain from heaven

Two emails from two older women carry the grace of God to my heart. Thank You for the reminder that You are looking out for me.



That’s Aramis’ current favourite word.

He learnt it from a book about vultures that we borrowed from the library. Up to now, his library book interest has seldom extended beyond trains, resulting in a vocabulary comprising words like ‘freight’, ‘engine’, ‘track’ and ‘coupling’. So I was surprised when he asked about birds at our last library visit. (And I have a strong suspicion I have Rovio to thank for that!)

Anyhow, he’s been practicing saying the word “carrion” for several days now – a little macabre, I know. Then this morning, right after breakfast, he reached down to the ground, smacked hard on a hapless, unsuspecting ant that was walking by, showed me his palm and said brightly, “Look Mommy, CARRION!”

The Neologisms of Aramis

I’m trying to settle the children’s lunch when I hear Aramis call me from behind the open refrigerator door

A: Mummy, I need your help.

Me: OK, coming.

A: MUMMY, I need your help NOW.

Me: OK OK.

A: MUMMY, come NOW! Quick, it’s going to teet me!

I finally walk over to the fridge. “What’s going to ‘teet’ you?” I ask, amused by the urgency in his voice. Aramis, who is struggling to get something out of the fridge, says, “You know, when the fridge door is open for too long? And then it goes TEEEEET! I don’t like that sound.”

Clearly these fridge designers know what they’re doing!

Why I am greying prematurely

Familiarising Athos with this week’s 听写 words:

Me: “印象” means “impression”
He: Oh. I thought it meant “Indian elephant”.

Maturing Palate

During the school holidays, the Pilgrim family had an evening out which included dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant. The boys usually have the kids meal or a bowl of noodles, but this time Athos was amenable to trying our platter of salmon sashimi.

Athos: Mmm, it’s good. I like it.

Pilgrim Dad and Mom: (in unison) Oh dear.

Reading with Daddy

Pilgrim Dad brought the kids to the library yesterday. It was primarily for Athos’ benefit – he has an extended book list from school that he’s working through.

But Pilgrim Dad decided he would try to encourage Porthos (who doesn’t like books) to read as well. I was delighted until I saw the book – a war-time commando comic.

Me: What?!?!

Pilgrim Dad: Hey, he now knows what ‘strafe’, ‘achtung’ and ‘luftwaffe’ mean. And the different pain levels as denoted by “AARGH” and “AAAAAAAAH”.

I roll my eyes and rest my case….

The Curious Case of Supposed Poultry

This morning, I took some time to understand Athos’ current book series obsession, Beast Quest. As far as I can tell, it’s a fantasy with the usual battles between good and evil. And thus ensued this conversation:

Pilgrim Mom: You know, a lot of modern fantasies are inspired by classics like “The Lord of the Rings” and the “Chronicles of Narnia”. [We chat about common themes, and land on betrayal.]

PM: Remember how Edmund betrays his siblings in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”?

Athos: Yah, all because he likes…what was it…Chicken Supreme?

PM: Eh?!?!

Athos: Isn’t it Chicken Supreme?

PM: No, it’s Turkish Delight!

Athos: Oh, it’s turkey then!

I couldn’t stop laughing for a long, long while. We were on the way to the optometrist so it’s a mercy that I didn’t crash….