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Green Wonders at Hort Park

A few weeks back, we went to Hort Park off Alexandra Road.

This is one of Singapore’s newest parks, and quite unlike the others. The idea is for it to be a “gardening lifestyle hub” that “bring[s] together gardening-related recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one roof in a park setting.”

To be honest, I wasn’t too excited when I first saw it. It felt like a gardening showroom, and was more about marketing landscaping companies than giving us room to run around and explore nature.

But as we walked further in, Continue reading


Pilgrim Discovery: The Animal Resort!

A couple of weekends back, Pilgrim Dad was in an adventurous mood so we piled the family into the truck and headed north with no destination in mind – really!

We found ourselves in the Seletar area, and flipping open the street directory, our curiosity was piqued by a box marked “The Animal Resort”. So we drove over and – lo and behold! – found hidden treasure.

The Animal Resort, located at Seletar West Farmway 5, is a mini-hub of pet services. You can buy, board, groom and train your pet there, and also find most of what you’d need to care for Fluffy.

But what was most charming for us was Continue reading

Train Spotting

Athos was invited to a birthday party at McDonalds King Albert Park. It’s not a place we go to frequently, but I remember that the KTM (Malaysian railway) tracks pass near there. So after dropping Athos off, I decided to take Porthos and Aramis on a little adventure to look at train tracks.

Pilgrim Parent delicious discovery: the Bukit Timah signal station! If you’re going along Bukit Timah Road towards Woodlands, you’ll find a small road just before King Albert Park. It’s easy to miss because it has no name and is not properly paved. But it’s just past the overhead trackbridge, and before the McDonald’s HQ at the junction. And if you turn into the road, you’ll find a world set apart – train tracks at street level, with a platform running alongside, as well as a signal station and office belonging to Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Malaysian Railway, or KTM for short).



Serendipitously, the friendly signalman Mr Abdul Ghani told us that a train would be passing by in 15 minutes! Porthos was particularly excited. In the meantime, Mr Abdul Ghani let us follow him around on his duties. Continue reading

Rediscovering Singapore

The past few days at work have been extremely challenging, and I have not felt this stressed and anxious in a long time. But there were some wonderful highlights. One of which was the opportunity to bring a group of international visitors on a tour of Singapore.

The tour was organised by Journeys, a Singapore travel agency which does the Original Singapore Walks. I was thrilled when I found out, because I’ve been wanting to do one of their walks for a long time and have never found the time. Journeys is strongly history-based, which means their tours are stuffed with as much information as the knowledge-hungry tourist (and curious local) could possible want.

We started our journey at Continue reading

National Taps

As part of work this week, I had the very great pleasure of visiting the NEWater Visitor Centre. I hadn’t realised that the facility was open to the general public, and that it has even won tourism awards! The place is open from 9am to 5:30pm daily except Mondays, and admission is free. The tour was truly enlightening, suitable even for very young children (I’d say at least 4-5 years old) and I highly recommend it.

I was telling Athos and Porthos about the visit at bedtime tonight. I explained to them that NEWater was part of Singapore ‘s strategy of Four National Taps to ensure enough water for Singapore well into the future – the other three being imported water, rainwater and desalinated water.

Here’s what they had to say:

Porthos: If there are four National Taps, does that mean there are also four National Pipes?

Pilgrim Mom: Well, yes, I guess so!

Athos: And doesn’t that mean there are also four National Toilets?

PM: [laughs uncontrollably]

Athos: … and four National Poo-Poos and Wee-Wees too!

I wonder what the good people at our Public Utilities Board think about that!

You Are Special

Thanks to a cousin, we got free tickets to I Theatre’s production “You Are Special“.

Based on best-selling author Max Lucado’s book of the same name, it features an original script, original music, and a cast that is on the whole very strong. All the actors/actresses were unknown to me so I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the ensemble. They adopted standard American/British pronunciation and the accent didn’t slip at any point (not obviously anyway), which is rare for a mostly-local cast. There was some slapstick and melodrama, but none of the awkwardness that sometimes accompanies inexperience. Although a few of the songs weren’t especially melodious, they were well-sung. I was especially taken by the strong vocals of Dwayne Lau (Punch) and Juliet Pang (Lucia). Dwayne in particular had excellent stage presence and carried the show. Candice de Rozario was delightful as the colourful and comical Mayoress. The message of the story is the production’s strongest selling point – that all of us are special because we are loved.

Athos and Porthos enjoyed it, and there were points when Athos guffawed so loudly that those in the neighbouring seats turned to look. The actors also came out to mingle with the audience after the show which was quite a thrill for the boys.

The show is running at the Drama Centre and ends on 18 Nov. Tickets range from $23 to $38. Catch it if you can!

VivoCity Sky Park

We discovered the VivoCity Sky Park!

In response to my earlier post on the VivoCity playground, Kumquat commented that one floor above it, there was a cool wading pool. We finally had the opportunity to check it out for ourselves and it is just marvellous. It’s an open-air deck overlooking Sentosa and the sea, with a wading pool that doesn’t go beyond knee-deep, an amphitheatre, and lots of space for running about without getting in anyone’s way. Just adjacent to the Sky Park is a food court (the excellent Food Republic), as well as the Sentosa Express station.

Definitely a place to come back to, and three cheers to VivoCity for building such a generous play area into their facility. Pictures follow Continue reading