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NYT: Modern Love

Thanks to a friend, I have just discovered the New York Times “Modern Love” columns. The quickest way I can describe them is that taken together, they are like the movie “Love Actually” in written form. Hilarious, tragic, breathtaking and gorgeously-written vignettes of love in our time, in all its forms and facets. Check them out!

8 Years of Us

A few nights ago, we left the kids with Grandpa and Grandma, and Pilgrim Dad and I took off for a nice long dinner date to celebrate our EIGHTH wedding anniversary.

In an age where marriages and families are being assailed on all fronts, we are thankful to God for bringing us together, keeping us together, and moving us together.

This is my wedding ring, sitting on my left hand where it has been for the past 8 years.


I remember the first week it was there. It was an awkward uncomfortable feeling, having this hard metal object permanently on my hand where previously there was nothing. Though it was light, its unfamiliarity made it heavy.

But I decided to keep it there. I’d made a promise before God, this ring was the symbol of that promise, so I would just keep wearing it.

It struck me as a metaphor for what makes a marriage work. Continue reading