I’m Pilgrim Mom, mother of Athos (born 2001), Porthos (born 2002), and Aramis (born 2006). Parenting is a journey, more so when you have three sweaty smelly boys and live in a crazy modern world like ours. So I started this blog as a way to remember this all-too-fleeting season of parenthood, and also as a way to share the things I’m discovering and learning with the wider world.

The Pilgrim family lives in Singapore. The banner picture is the view from my ward at Kandang Kerbau Women’s and Children’s Hospital when Aramis was born. (In fact, the whole Pilgrim family, including Mom and Dad, were born at KKH!)

Grainy picture, but it’s an appropriate symbol of the start of our journey as Pilgrim Parents.

9 responses to “About

  1. You guys have really cool ideas for kid’s activities. I’m a working mum with a 2 yr son and sometimes i really have no ideas what to play with him…too tired. But I’ll try some of your ideas…sounds simple to prepare and yet lots of fun and inexpensive and safe too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Delighted! And if you have the time, do share which ones worked for you, or how the activities can be improved.

  3. H Pilgrim Parent, thanks so much for sharing all that wonderful information on parenting and kids’ activities. I share your idea about community parenting blog. Keep up the wonderful sharing!

  4. So glad you could drop by!

  5. thanks…for the sharing!
    I really love your activities…

    Me too have a blog! Are you keen to exchange links? http://www.freescrapbookzone.com

  6. Hi PP,

    My son said he’d met you recently. Re-kindling ties with this chance meeting.
    Keep blogging.


  7. MM, yes Pilgrim Dad and I met your son. He is a wonderfully affable person, and surely a credit to his mother!

  8. Hi PP, was chatting with Rachel and only just realised who you are! Sorry, very blur…Anyway, I’m looking for a preschool for my 2.5 yr old son who’s extremely active and I was wondering if you or hubby know of any preschool that’s sports oriented. Or any other recommendation appreciated, thanks! Linda

  9. And here I was thinking you knew all along when I was merrily commenting on YOUR blog 🙂

    As mentioned in email, I don’t know of a sports-oriented preschool. Somebody really ought to start one!

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