Reading with Daddy

Pilgrim Dad brought the kids to the library yesterday. It was primarily for Athos’ benefit – he has an extended book list from school that he’s working through.

But Pilgrim Dad decided he would try to encourage Porthos (who doesn’t like books) to read as well. I was delighted until I saw the book – a war-time commando comic.

Me: What?!?!

Pilgrim Dad: Hey, he now knows what ‘strafe’, ‘achtung’ and ‘luftwaffe’ mean. And the different pain levels as denoted by “AARGH” and “AAAAAAAAH”.

I roll my eyes and rest my case….


One response to “Reading with Daddy

  1. Seriously, even from suitable comics like the Asiapac series on history of China, Singapore etc….he will also be able to learn new things, new vocab and get a beginner’s insight of the intention of the book.
    Porthos…has his own qualities obviously despite the AARGHS!

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