Gigantic Beans

I had to sign Porthos’ spelling sheet last week. As I pulled out my pen, I saw that he got a score of 9/10. The one he got wrong was “gigantic beans”. And against it, the teacher had written, “gigantic bins”.

Me: Why did you write “beans”?
Porthos: Because that’s what the teacher said!

Pilgrim Dad and I couldn’t stop laughing. Another case of “leopard preenz”!


2 responses to “Gigantic Beans

  1. So he was not exactly wrong…both right and wrong depending on the context of what the teacher said or meant to say.

  2. Most likely the teacher was speaking Singlish and lengthened her “bins” to “beans”. Are we glad that the teacher did not spell check “gigantic sheet”. The boy could have come up with “gigantic …” (you know what)

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