Monthly Archives: August 2009

Pilgrim Mom Kena Scolding

Athos and Porthos have a Mandarin tutor who coaches them through their school syllabus. This has led to, I must confess, a rather lackadaisical attitude on my part when it comes to the boys’ progress in Mandarin.

And I was caught out today –

Tutor: 我已经开始准备孩子的 CA2.
Pilgrim Mom: CA2 是什么?
Tutor: 你这个妈妈真没用!

Ahem. For the record, CA2 is Continual Assessment 2. And I still don’t know what that really means….


A National Day Dessert

We had family and friends over for National Day dinner and parade-watching on the goggle box. (Wasn’t this year’s just splendid?)

Anyway, earlier in the afternoon, Athos, Porthos and I created this patriotic and healthy dessert using grapes and canned lychees. Simple fun, and I must say the end result looked pretty decent too. 🙂

Happy 44th birthday Singapore!

Fruity flag