The Hair-Brained Adventures of Porthos

There’s something about my middle child and his hair. Elsewhere in this blog, I’ve catalogued his self-administered haircut, and his foray into gel-based styling.

And now this morning.

It was just after 6am and Porthos came into our bedroom, woke me up, and pointed at his head. I turned on the light and there it was – a massive lump of electric green silly putty, enmeshed into the hair at the back of his head.

Even at that bleary hour, I wanted to laugh.

Porthos had been playing with the putty just before bedtime, and must have left it right next to his pillow and fallen asleep on top of it. The stuff had pushed right into the roots, and there were tufts of hair sticking out in all directions. I had no idea what to do.

Ordinarily a Google search would have been my first instinct. (Oil? Alcohol? Industrial-grade solvent?) But Porthos would have to leave for school soon so I didn’t have time.

We went to the bathroom and suffice to say it was the combination of lots of water, lots of shampoo and a fine-toothed comb that eventually coaxed the stuff out. I silently thanked God that Porthos was in a good mood that morning, and apart from an “ow” now and again, he seemed none the worse for wear.

“Do we have to throw away the putty?” Porthos asked woefully.

“I’m afraid so. And the comb too – I broke two teeth,” I said.

In the midst of the commotion, little Aramis woke up and called out, “Mummy…. Mummy!…. MUMMY!” (When you’re a third child, that’s about how many tries it takes to get the attention you want….)

“Yes dear?”

“Come and sayang me,” he said. (Sayang is Malay for “love”, and in our household, code for hugs and snuggles and the like.)

So putty problem solved, and Porthos finally settled down to breakfast, I dutifully went to snuggle with my youngest.

And that was just the first half hour of this mother’s day! (Later that morning, my bottom got pinched by a cracked toilet seat. But another story for another day….)

The aftermath. The big lumps of putty were assembled after the fact - they were actually spread out all over the back of his head. Note the two broken teeth of the comb.

The aftermath. The big lumps of putty were assembled after the fact - they were actually spread out all over the back of his head. Note the two broken teeth of the comb.


6 responses to “The Hair-Brained Adventures of Porthos

  1. Ha Ha! There is a whole Simpsons episode on this when Lisa gets something like putty in her hair and Marge uses increasingly riduculous methods to get it out, starting with peanut butter and sooner or later a bees nest gets involved…who new it was so true

  2. Not kidding when you said electric green?!

    Good thing it was on short hair. Can you imagine if that was on the girls’ hair? Shudder.

  3. Another story to tell Porthos’ kids!

  4. Soooo funny!! I must say I might not be as good-humoured as you, especially the first half hour of the morning : p

  5. And to think that it was chewing gum I stepped on that morning when I showered!

  6. We just did this same extraction with gum at midnight on the 4 year old girl. We used peanut butter to take it out. I would guess that olive oil works too, but we had peanut butter readily available.

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