George Eats Laksa, Not Durians

A few days ago we were playing Bible Quiz over lunch with some friends. One of the adults asked – “Who can name the first five books of the Bible?” After Genesis and Exodus, none of us were entirely confident about the order (which speaks volumes about our Bible knowledge!)

Anyhow, it was an opportunity to teach the kids about mnemonics, specifically first-letter mnemonics. The one I learnt in school for the colours of the rainbow was “Richard Of York Gained Battles in Vain”, which I always found a bit odd since the poor Duke is mostly unknown to Singaporeans. Much better that we come up with one that makes sense for ourselves!

Anyhow, I challenged the kids to come up with one for the Pentateuch so we wouldn’t be lost for the answer again. And the title of this post is Athos’ attempt, which I thought was quite a winner!

3 responses to “George Eats Laksa, Not Durians

  1. That is contextualization. Well done Athos!
    My system is by using acronyms – in this case for as long as I can remember – I use VIBGYOR. Whatever works!

  2. Great one! I think I can remember that!
    My mum had one for the 4 books after Corinthians – Go Eat Pop Corn

  3. It was VIBGYOR for me too when we were in school.
    To help the kids I teach to remember the 4 strings of the Ukulele ( G C E A )in positional order I tell them …” Girls Can Eat Alot ! “. The guys in the class all laughed.One little girl in the class put her hand up to speak and said, ” No,no…Guys Can Eat Alot! ” The guys started groaning…Haha.
    Great fun to teach kids!

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