Water shooters for toddlers

It has been blistering hot in Singapore so water play is the activity of first resort in the Pilgrim family these days.

It’s not always convenient to go to a pool, so here’s a fun alternative, especially if you have younger kids. Buy a spray bottle from any household goods store, fill it up with water, and let the kids at it! The cheapest bottles go for under $2, and the more expensive ones have different nozzle settings.

Here are some ideas:

  • watering plants, leaves, flowers
  • spraying into tubs and basins
  • aiming at specified targets (we sometimes draw a bull’s eye on our blackboard)
  • shooting at each other – this works especially well if you have, as the Pilgrim family does, kids of varied ages. The older ones will always win in an all-out water gun fight, so spray bottles level the playing field enormously. Be forewarned that older boys might consider this extremely uncool! Athos was most dismissive at first, but eventually deigned to join in and had fun.
  • add different food colourings to each spray bottle and let them spray paint on a large piece of mahjong paper or the bathroom wall
  • if it’s a sunny day, challenge them to make a rainbow. Porthos managed to do it without any guidance and was utterly thrilled (not surprising given his history with rainbows). The spray should be the kind that shoots out a mist of water rather than a jet, and you should stand with your back facing the sun.

The spray bottles are a useful tool for sand play as well – if you are building sandcastles on a hot day, spray the built structures occasionally to keep them wet and intact.

Don’t be surprised if the kids find other interesting ways to use the spray bottles. Athos started giving Porthos a “haircut”, spraying water like an old pro barber!

Have fun!


One response to “Water shooters for toddlers

  1. Thanks for your great hot-day tips! My daughter and I have been playing with the spray bottle too, albeit in a more ‘girly’ way… spraying patterns on the shower-screen and pretending to iron.. heh, if only she could really help with the ironing!! 😉

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