Red Sports – Daily PE? One primary school shows the way.

Just a quick post to link everyone over to Red Sports’ feature story on Seng Kang Primary School, the only school in Singapore that offers daily PE lessons for all its students, rain or shine.

Earlier this year, Porthos came home from school saying that he didn’t have PE that day, even though it was on the schedule. Why, I asked. “Because we were behaving badly. So the teacher punished us and didn’t let us go for PE.”

I thought that was one of the more absurd things I’d ever heard. I’ve also heard anecdotes of schools cancelling PE for PSLE revisions or make-up classes. Is it any wonder that the ruggedness of our nation is in question?

According to Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, “Singapore has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world. In Singapore about 30% of the children become myopic by the age of 7 and by age 12 about half of them are myopic. There is a grave need to prevent myopia in children at a younger age because the younger the age of onset of myopia, the higher the risk of developing eye related diseases later in life.” HPB also supports daily outdoor time because “emerging evidence suggests that spending more time outdoors may help delay the onset or progression of myopia.” (Source: HPB website)

Add in our obesity rates, and the range of learning disabilities and sensory problems present in our chidren, and Seng Kang’s example truly stands out.

Red Sports – Daily PE? One primary school shows the way.


2 responses to “Red Sports – Daily PE? One primary school shows the way.

  1. Growing up I recall most of my Malay and Indian school friends did not wear spectacles while the Chinese kids were called “4-eyes”. Needless to say, I was one of the latter. There is some truth in outdoor sports leading to better health and good eye-sight. Computer games are going to aggravate eye diseases. The teacher of Porthos is indeed “MYOPIC” for canceling P.E. No pun intended.

  2. One more thought. My wife does not wear spectacles. As a child she with her two older brothers were made to run run the track every morning for several laps by their father. All three of them have perfect eye-sights.

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