Porthos Gets Manly

Porthos came out of his bedtime shower with his hair slickly combed, and one thick tuft sticking straight up out of his head, like a carrot-top. “Wow, your hair looks cool,” I said, suppressing my laughter. He looked very pleased with his creation.

Some minutes later, I noticed the anti-gravity hair showed no sign of collapse.

“Did you use water for your hair?” I asked. “No, I used the purple gel,” said Porthos, evidently proud of his manly act.

It probably wasn’t the best reaction but I laughed out loud. The thought of Porthos diligently coiffing himself with Pilgrim Dad’s hair gel – just before bedtime – was a bit too much to take.

“That’s great,” I said, when I could finally speak. “But next time, do it in the daytime, ok?”

At bedtime, as I kissed him goodnight on the forehead, he said, “Don’t suck up the gel, Mummy!”

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