Stop Press for Stop-Motion Lego

Athos and Porthos have been majoring in Legos recently, especially since their collection more than doubled recently. Mustard Seed Mum sent over some from her gift stash, followed closely by a versatile expansion kit from Kong Kong J, and hot on the heels was Porthos’ birthday present from Aunty D at Camel Diaries, and then another whopper from Uncle J.

I jest not when I say that there are Legos EVERYWHERE. (We found one in a flowerpot today….)

Still, Legos are a toy that I am heartily supportive of because of the kind of mental skills and physical dexterity they seem to encourage.

Including some unexpected ones, like Athos’ discovery of stop-motion video. He got the idea from some Youtube videos he watched and bugged me to let him try making one. I demurred initially, worried that a 7-year-old and a functioning (even if old) digital camera didn’t seem like a very wise combination.

But I suppose I must have been in a particularly risk-taking mood one afternoon and eventually gave in. I showed him how to operate the point-and-shoot, how to use the little tripod that it came with, and gave him a few suggestions. Then he was off. We didn’t supervise him at all, so we were more than a little surprised by the level of detail he was able to achieve. It would be an understatement to say that he is very proud of his effort, and has been badgering me to put them on Youtube for all the world to see.

So here they are. Pilgrim Dad and I are thoroughly impressed by what kids these days can do….


2 responses to “Stop Press for Stop-Motion Lego

  1. I see Athos has added music to his awesome piece of work! You and [Pilgrim Dad] must be so proud of him, absolutely amazing for a 7-yr old.

  2. Athos’ videos are brillant! I’m so proud of him!

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