Room for improvement in primary education? MOE wants to know.

In case you missed it in the news, MOE has begun a review of the primary education system in Singapore and is soliciting public views on the issues.

A committee chaired by Grace Fu is looking to “explore how schools can enhance holistic learning to better prepare our pupils for the future…. We want our children to be confident, retain a sense of curiosity and the desire to learn, be able to communicate clearly, and work well in teams and across cultures.”

The committee will be focusing on three areas:

  • Rebalancing the learning of content knowledge and the development of skills and values
  • Moving all primary schools to a single-session structure
  • Moving towards all-graduate teacher recruitment by 2015.

Athos started primary school this year, and Porthos will start next year. I am experiencing both the strengths and some of the challenges of our primary education system, and wholeheartedly support what MOE is trying to do with this review, in particular the rebalancing of curriculum.

If you care about primary education in Singapore, I encourage you to send MOE your feedback.If you don’t have the energy to craft a well-considered response, please leave your thoughts in the comment section and if there are enough views I’ll pull together a consolidated response.


2 responses to “Room for improvement in primary education? MOE wants to know.

  1. D and I are working on something and will send through to you.

  2. Its a great news of MOE . There is great need in reviewing primary education systems, Present system had many loopholes. Your post is informative.

    Thanks for posting.

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