The Lego Bible

Rachel over at Stormin’ Evanston shared this absolutely wonderful website – someone who calls himself the Rev Brendan Powell Smith has recreated scenes and Bible stories using nothing but Lego bricks.

Rapturous applause for ingenuity and sheer devotion to his craft!


3 responses to “The Lego Bible

  1. Just a might want to preview the entire site before letting the children loose on it.

    There are some scenes which might have children asking what those naked mini-figs are doing.

  2. oh and the childbirth scenes too, as well as the murder ones, lots in Exodus, erm, and then genesis, oooh, lots of graphic ones there too…on second thought, maybe we should rate the site R.

  3. Oh dear yes, maybe I should have mentioned that in the post 🙂 But it’s a good reminder that the Bible is about gritty realities as much as it holds out hope and holiness.

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