“Is it possible to climb a rainbow?”

Recently, Pilgrim Dad and I have been fairly diligent about getting the boys outdoors a few times each week. Today, we decided to go to East Coast Park to kick a ball around and have satay for dinner.

And it was while we were playing poison ball on the beach that Pilgrim Dad caught sight of a rainbow. It was just barely visible, weaving its arc in and out through the clouds down towards the ships berthed at sea. All of us were enthralled.

As I was putting the boys to bed, Porthos asked, “Is it possible to climb a rainbow?” And in a moment of sheer left-brain domination, I replied “No. Rainbows are made of light.”

He seemed disappointed.

And thinking about it later, I realised I had got it all wrong. Here is what I WISH I had said.

I’ve never been near enough to a rainbow to know for sure.
But maybe, just maybe, you can.
And maybe when you reach the very top, you can whoosh down just like you would on a slippery slide
And land, bouncing, on a soft pillowy cloud below
And then maybe you could play hide-and-seek behind the red or the blue or the yellow or the green
(which colour would you pick? Me? Definitely indigo.)
And maybe even weave them together into a braid
And maybe every colour is hollow, sending honey, or orange juice, or (your favourite) ketchup down to sailors who miss home
And who knows, maybe as you climb up, you might find an angel or two waiting for you
For angels rush in, where fools know not to tread.

5 responses to ““Is it possible to climb a rainbow?”

  1. Wow! You thought of that explanation by yourself?! Well done! I should probably note it down somewhere in case Isaac asks the same question when he is older. It is so much more interesting!

    Thanks ya!

  2. Hello A Husband,

    Explanation is a generous word – it’s more a flight of fantasy 🙂 Yes please feel free to take it down, or better yet, find words of your own that will appeal to Isaac’s imagination.

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  4. Most inventive! Though I didn’t quite decide whether the angels were there to greet those who were wise-foolish enough to climb up the rainbows, or whether they were there because they don’t expect anyone to be foolish enough to come intrude on their private playground.

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