Humbled by Imagination

Last night, I gave my son a scientifically correct but creatively void response. I thought I would make amends so here was the conversation at bedtime:

Pilgrim Mom: Remember last night you asked me about whether you could climb rainbows?
Porthos: Yes.
PM: Mummy said no, right?
P: Yes.
PM: That’s correct. But what do you think if we COULD climb rainbows?

And almost as if to prove the point of my previous post, that set off a discussion of such vivid proportions that I could only sit back and marvel at the creative potential children are blessed with.

Porthos: FUN!
PM: Why?
P: Because we can play with them.
PM: Really? What would you do with a rainbow?
P: I want to take the different colours and make different things.
PM: Like what?
P: I want to make the blue colour into a ring.
Athos: Maybe we can even mix the colours up.
P: And maybe we can even eat the rainbow as we climb!
PM: That’s so cool! What does a rainbow taste like?
P: Well the purple part tastes like grapes and the blue part tastes like blueberries.
A: And the yellow part is noodles!
P: No, bananas!
A: No, noodles!

They went on to agree that the red tasted like apples, the orange like (surprise, surprise) oranges, and the green like pears – because they didn’t like the spinach/broccoli idea very much.

I tried my slide idea on them, but Athos thought that wouldn’t be a lot of fun because you’d have to climb up all over again (the practical-minded one that he is). And then Porthos dropped the clincher:

P: You know Mummy, last week I dreamt that I played on a rainbow.
PM: Is that why you asked me about climbing a rainbow?
P: Yes.

Keep dreaming, Porthos.


3 responses to “Humbled by Imagination

  1. Nice recovery there! Good work!

  2. Kids are the ones who should teach us creativity! Glad you re-opened the topic – you’re a great mom and you have wonderful sons 🙂

  3. I’m impressed with that first “what if” question! I can only pray that I will be as wise and discerning conversing with my future kids. (Should I ever become a parent.)

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