Green Wonders at Hort Park

A few weeks back, we went to Hort Park off Alexandra Road.

This is one of Singapore’s newest parks, and quite unlike the others. The idea is for it to be a “gardening lifestyle hub” that “bring[s] together gardening-related recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one roof in a park setting.”

To be honest, I wasn’t too excited when I first saw it. It felt like a gardening showroom, and was more about marketing landscaping companies than giving us room to run around and explore nature.

But as we walked further in, I was really charmed by some of them, in particular the Bamboo Garden, and the Recycled Garden. The boys were especially amused by the latter (pictures below). There is also a variety of playground equipment, and a couple of big grassy patches where we found one lizard and played a mad round of catching.

The boys liked it enough to ask to go back again, so I guess it’s a thumbs up from the Pilgrim family 🙂

The “Wizard of Oz” themed garden

The \

Athos, Porthos and Aramis at one of the playgrounds

One of the playgrounds

Another playground piece, which the boys dubbed “Spider’s Web”

The “Recycled Garden”. I don’t think that’s the actual name. In any case, they used all sorts of discarded items like plastic bottles, a lampshade, a kwali, a rice cooker and old boots and hats, as pots for plants. Very cool.


2 responses to “Green Wonders at Hort Park

  1. hey hi!
    i wana go visit dis park like soon…
    possible to provide more info?
    like openin hrs or any fees payable? (:

  2. Hi MeiQin, the park is free, but opening hours I am not so sure. You can call the number listed on the Hort Park webpage to ask them. Have fun!

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