Freecycled Home For the Froglets

I joined the Singapore Freecycle Network a few months back. It’s basically a community that aims to connect people with things to give away, with people who want those things. It’s been fun (and heartening) to read the regular mailers describing things that people are giving away.

Anyhow, Athos has Show and Tell next week and he’s decided to bring the froglets to school. Rather than spend money on something I only needed temporarily, I thought I’d see if the Freecycle Network would have anything to offer. So here is the request I put up:

From: [pilgrim mom]
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 15:11:25 +0000
Subject: [SgFreecycle] WANTED: Plastic aquarium

My kid needs to bring some tadpoles to school for Show and Tell next
week! If you have a lightweight aquarium to give away, please contact
me. Thanks!

In less than 24 hours, I got an email from F, a mother of three, who had one to give away (aquarium that is, not child….) We arranged to meet, and the Pilgrim family is now the proud owner of a lovely functional plastic aquarium!

The plastic aquarium, with thanks to F!

Freecycling has got to be one of the most useful social innovations in recent times, especially given the almost apocalyptic condition of the world’s natural resources. If you haven’t joined yet, I heartily recommend it. Click here to join the Singapore Freecycle Network.


11 responses to “Freecycled Home For the Froglets

  1. Wow! Anyone willing to freecycle their Ferrari. I sure need to Show and Tell such a car.

  2. The most I’ve seen are a set of junior golf clubs and a last-generation Playstation. I think you might have to wait a while for that Ferrari ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. After reading and seeing the results of your request, I joined up right away! Btw John, I have more than Ferraris to give away…Athos and Porthos “own” so many they are lying around in boxes. I don’t really need anything but have much to freecycle.

  4. Good, good! Yes you have MUCH to freecycle – heeheehee.

  5. we’re big fans of freecycle here in Evanston too. One of the more valuable and amazing things I asked for, and received here, was a cartop carrier, one of those type of hard plastic sleek designed things you strap on top of your car to carry skis or other things. someone actually gave me one worth over $400 that was lying around in her garage. but otherwise, it’s just been a great way to declutter, and it’s amazing how what’s junk to you can be useful to someone else!

  6. I’m glad the fish tank found a good home! I hope show and tell goes well.

    The aquarium had been sitting empty since the last of the fishies my son caught during an excursion to the fish farm passed away.

    You may have seen I’ve offered some more stuff – my husband decided to get over his mid life crisis and get rid of excess computer games and the RC helicopter he succeeded in crashing more often than flying.

    It feels good to personally pass on items that you have “outgrown” … so much more satisfying than throwing stuff out, or even doing a general charity collection clear out. I think it is to do with the fleeting personal connections you make this way. It’s nice to know that for a moment someone appreciates your “junk” and appreciates your generosity in offering it to others.

  7. Hello Faye! Thanks again and yes it’s great to see one’s old things get a new lease of life.

    And for the record, Athos’ Show and Tell went well. All his classmates wanted to see the frogs. And apparently someone on the schoolbus offered him money for the whole lot!

  8. So tell us quickly…did he sell or keep them?

  9. Aiyoh, this boy has no mercantile instincts in him at all. He came home with the full set-up.

  10. thanks for sharing – this sounds really cool and would really want to check it out. I’m into secondhand things – thrift stores, garage sales, reworking old stuff for new usage etc. I’ve also organised clothing and bag swops so stuff languishing in wardrobes find new homes =) *hope you can guess who I am!*

  11. hey hey hey corsage! yes i think i have a hunch who you might be ๐Ÿ™‚ your blog is fabulous, especially that paul smith art-and-craft thing. awesome.

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