Tadpoles –> Froglets

Our tadpoles are growing! (Click here to read about how we found our amphibious friends.) Apart from one who has died – we’re still not sure how but we found him floating lifeless one morning – the rest appear to be doing well. They’ve been quite a talking point when people drop by!

I told Porthos that both his grandfathers would be reading this, and asked what he would like to say. Here is his little lecture, captured verbatim:

“We got those tadpoles from Sentosa. They are very good. The tadpoles swim with their tail. They eat goldfish food. And now they are growing into frogs. The tadpoles grow from back legs to front legs.”

The boys have been quite excited (and so have I!) and have been helping to feed the frogs and maintain the aquarium. I’ll keep this blog updated on their progress. In the meantime, here are some pictures.

This is one of two plastic tubs that we’re using as an aquarium. We’ve newly enhanced it with a water hyacinth from our neighbours Uncle and Auntie P.

The tadpoles like to swim and hide under the water hyacinth.

We’ve tilted the aquarium such that one edge is flushed with the ground. Those that are ready can then hop out for some fresh air, like this little guy is doing.

Here’s one of our froglets with hind legs only.

Here’s another with both front and hind legs. These guys are pretty strong and can hop quite well already, maybe about 5cm per jump. They don’t seem to like to go too far from the water yet though.

A closer look at one of our more developed froglets.


6 responses to “Tadpoles –> Froglets

  1. I don’t normally like frogs but these are adorable! I love their little water hyacinth. 🙂

  2. cute but at the same time I can’t help but go eww. 🙂 sorry it’s the city girl in me.
    Yes, the same one who’s looking for country property. hahaha.

  3. well, watch them carefully, becos they’ll probably just disappear overnight. My friend & I caught tadpoles from the school drain when we were in Pri 4 and kept them in our classroom. Mine was called Tender Loving Care I believe, TLC for short, and we saw them develop to this stage, and then one day, we came to school and they were GONE! GASP!!! hopped away. or maybe someone kissed them and they became handsome princes….ya right.

  4. If they are not shielded from birds of prey, they could land up being supper for them. Unless they get to full size, and if of the edible variety, then their legs are really tasty. There is a stall at Bukit Timah market that cooks real sumptious frog legs.

  5. oh boy, i sure salute you for willing to have the tadpoles around, especially with them getting so mobile! i’m pretty sure i’d balk if i was in your position!!

  6. where to catch tapoles?i really want tapoles but do sentosa have the water is deep anot?where you find the tapoles in water?

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