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Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream!

The Pilgrim family is mad-keen on ice-cream. So I had to share this flyer which a friend sent me – free Ben and Jerry’s on Tuesday 29th April! It’s only at selected outlets so do read the flyer for details.

Ben and Jerry’s has a special place in my heart. I went to college in the US. It was my first time living overseas, and the first weeks were a mixture of wide-eyed wonder and deep homesickness. My roommate K was also a little homesick one night and we both went out to the nearest convenience store and bought two tubs of Ben & Jerry’s. It was the first time I’d ever heard of it. I can’t remember what flavour she chose but how could I resist a name like “New York Superfudge Chunk”! The ice-cream was amazing, and together with the fellowship, made me feel a whole lot better.


New Paper: The Most Boring Household in Singapore

This interview with up-and-coming Singapore politician Grace Fu focuses on her role as a parent. It struck me as containing many nuggets of parenting wisdom. I submit it for your consideration.

The Electric New Paper: The Most Boring Household in Singapore

I have to do a quick linkback to an earlier post concerning the Wii, and another on the modern-day malaise called the Nature Deficit Disorder.

Pilgrim Discovery: The Animal Resort!

A couple of weekends back, Pilgrim Dad was in an adventurous mood so we piled the family into the truck and headed north with no destination in mind – really!

We found ourselves in the Seletar area, and flipping open the street directory, our curiosity was piqued by a box marked “The Animal Resort”. So we drove over and – lo and behold! – found hidden treasure.

The Animal Resort, located at Seletar West Farmway 5, is a mini-hub of pet services. You can buy, board, groom and train your pet there, and also find most of what you’d need to care for Fluffy.

But what was most charming for us was Continue reading

Freecycled Home For the Froglets

I joined the Singapore Freecycle Network a few months back. It’s basically a community that aims to connect people with things to give away, with people who want those things. It’s been fun (and heartening) to read the regular mailers describing things that people are giving away.

Anyhow, Athos has Show and Tell next week and he’s decided to bring the froglets to school. Rather than spend money on something I only needed temporarily, I thought I’d see if the Freecycle Network would have anything to offer. So here is the request I put up: Continue reading

Tadpoles –> Froglets

Our tadpoles are growing! (Click here to read about how we found our amphibious friends.) Apart from one who has died – we’re still not sure how but we found him floating lifeless one morning – the rest appear to be doing well. They’ve been quite a talking point when people drop by!

I told Porthos that both his grandfathers would be reading this, and asked what he would like to say. Here is his little lecture, captured verbatim:

“We got those tadpoles from Sentosa. They are very good. The tadpoles swim with their tail. They eat goldfish food. And now they are growing into frogs. The tadpoles grow from back legs to front legs.”

The boys have been quite excited (and so have I!) and have been helping to feed the frogs and maintain the aquarium. I’ll keep this blog updated on their progress. In the meantime, here are some pictures. Continue reading

Sore Loser – The Sequel

Over a year ago, I wrote a post about Athos and sore loser syndrome.

Well it’s happening again, this time with Porthos. His favourite game right now is Junior Scrabble, not least because he’s won every time we’ve played it. Beginner’s luck came to an end this afternoon, and Porthos was dealt a few bad hands. According to the rules, he was obliged to put down his letters even though it helps someone else to get points. But he kept saying, “I pass,” and refused to move.

The first time it happened I confess I took the easy way out and just exchanged letters with him to help him along. But experience is a good teacher and like Athos, I realised that Porthos was going to have to come to terms with losing sooner or later, and better he learns how to lose with me first.

So, as we say in Singapore, I “don’t give chance”. The next time Porthos got a bad hand and said “I pass”, I told him if he didn’t play by the rules, I would stop playing. And so I did. I went to another room and started doing something else. A few minutes later, Porthos came into the room and said, “OK it’s your turn.” I went back and saw that he had decided to go along with the rules after all.

When we finished the game, he had lost 11 to 8. He stomped out of the room and sat in the balcony for a while. I decided to withhold the parental sermon and let him be.

And so it goes, and so it goes….

Stumped by Primary One Math

Athos had some math homework over the weekend and was having difficulty with one question in particular. “Come, I’ll help you,” I said, beaming with motherly love and teacherly wisdom, all prepared to gently guide him towards the solution.

10 minutes later, I was practically foaming at the mouth, convinced that either there was a typo in the assignment in which case someone ought to be shot for wasting my time, or that our education system was perverse for pitching so high that something that ought to be fun became a destroyer of self-esteem (mine, never mind Athos!)

I’ve since regained my composure. As well as figured out the answer.

See if you can too!

Look at the following series of numbers. What number does the question mark represent?

1 9 2 ? 3 7 8