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Brenda over at Little Gastronomy has just tagged me to reveal 5 things about myself that most of you probably wouldn’t know. Brenda, by the way, looks to be an absolute gourmet and if I were less of a kitchen dunce, I would give some of her brilliant suggestions a go.

Anyway, her tag is a little challenging because the regular readers of this blog include people who have known me all my life. But let me give it a go anyway:

  1. My favourite television series of all time (ALL TIME!) is The West Wing. I am a huge fan of Aaron Sorkin in particular. The Star Trek series comes in a distant second – and only Voyager and The Next Generation.
  2. My favourite book/movie of all time (ALL TIME!) is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I am geeky enough to have read The Silmarillion and contemplated learning Elvish. Until I concluded that there are probably more useful things I could do with my time 🙂
  3. My favourite music has strong melody and lyrics. I am a fan of the earlier albums of The Indigo Girls, in particular the songs written by Emily Saliers. I am also a fan of jazz and acapella.
  4. I multi-task too much for my own good. I am usually reading at least three books at a time, running several projects at once, and at this very moment have 7 applications running on my laptop….
  5. I am also a hypocrite: I forbid the children to drink Coke, and they are allowed one piece of candy a day. I regularly break both rules myself. Just another piece of evidence pointing to my soul-need for salvation!

I’m tagging

5 responses to “Tagged: 5 Things About Myself

  1. Hah! I like the 7 applications running at one time becos me too!

  2. Re item #5, it’s a good thing that Athos, Porthos and Aramis are not bloggers yet 🙂
    Does tagging mean I have to answer the same 5 questions?

  3. JY, you just need to reveal 5 things about yourself that your readers might not know. And tagging also means that you are supposed to tag others as well. But it’s a bit like chain mail so I feel it’s ok not to 🙂

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  5. I too, have somehow managed to plod through the entire Silmarillion… *choke*
    And I’ve responded to the tag – have posted it in a non-locked entry since u are not on LJ 🙂

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