Kelsey Briggs

A heartbreaking video that I found almost unbearable to watch.

More about Kelsey at these websites:


4 responses to “Kelsey Briggs

  1. Heartbreaking. There’s no other words…that I can use online, at least. Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. Thanks for sharing this deeply touching video clip. Such a beautiful and sweet little girl who deserved much , much more.
    It serves as a reminder to us all that there are human monsters around and they are not far away. Be vigilant always.

  3. You are right Dick, we need to be vigilant and never let our children come into the company of devils in disguise. The world is evil. Even wild animals have the animal instinct to protect their young. The North American justice system, sadly, do not go far enough to demand a tooth for a tooth.

  4. Hi John, absolutely share your sentiments about the justice system. Even in S’pore, our own backyard…I think we can do better, although in M’sia it’s far, far worse. For example, we should have a clear distinction between those who are active, sworn terrorists hell-bent on indiscriminate killings and blowing us to bits….and those who are merely sympathisers. Escaped JI leader M Selamat belongs to the former. Our parliament should pass a law to demand the death penalty for such. If we put it to a referendum of citizens…my guess is at least 90% will support it. Prevention is better than SORRY….as in 9/11, as in the Holocaust, as in the numerous and incresing terrorist attacks worldwide.
    Just imagine…if you are caught in possession or trafficking of 50 grams of heroin, about the wt of a 20 cent coin…you face the mandatory death penalty in S’pore, right? You haven’t really “killed” anyone yet. You haven’t injured anyone yet. But the presumption is that the powder will cause irreparable harm and damage to innocent lives….if it gets to the street. So, for this you hang! And for evil men like Hambali, M S etc…just put in jail, feed them, clothe them, until they ESCAPE and blow up Changi Airport, or MRT stations etc. What rubbish ! What nonsense is this system tilted to the terrorist advantage while thousands, even millions, have died brutally at their hands?

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