Sex In The City

This morning on the way to school, Pilgrim Dad and Athos passed by a hotel out of which tumbled a group of prostitutes. Athos saw them, turning his body to follow them until he couldn’t see them anymore. Pilgrim Dad took a deep breath and decided to engage Athos:

Pilgrim Dad: What are you looking at?

Athos: Those people aren’t wearing a lot of clothes.

PD: They’re prostitutes.

Athos: What’s that?

PD: You pay them money to have sex.

Athos: What’s sex?

Pilgrim Dad gives a brief description.

Athos: So sex is bad?

PD: No. Sex is a good thing when mummies and daddies do it. But it’s bad if people charge money to do it.

Considering the sun hadn’t even come up yet, I was impressed by both Pilgrim Dad’s courage and cogency.


3 responses to “Sex In The City

  1. Ah “Yes”. I do remember a time when my own 11 year old son asked me what “blue film”was.

  2. How old is Athos (sorry, just stumbled onto your blog)? I also also wondering how I’m going to handle this birds and the bees discussion.

  3. Hi bam, thanks for dropping by! Athos will be 7 in a few months. I’m generally squeamish about the topic but put on my best Mummy-the-scientist face when it comes up 🙂

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