I encountered the term “freecycle” a few months back but never got round to looking it up. Thanks to Alternative Mom‘s comment on my previous post, I was reminded and went to look it up.

The Freecycle Network began a couple of years back in Arizona, USA and now has 4,221 groups and 4,335,000 members around the world. The idea is basically to connect the people who have things to give away, with people who want those things. I am completely sold on the idea.

And the great news, my friends, is that Singapore has its own Singapore Freecycle Network! An excerpt from its Yahoo Groups webpage:

Whether you’re looking to discard or acquire an item, you’ve come to the right place. Computers, furniture, clothing, magazines – no item is too big or too small. (That said, we request that you keep in mind that this is not intended to be a Christmas wish-list. Asking for LCD TVs, XBox’s, PS3s, etc., is a bit over-the-top.) Since this is a Freecycle list, ALL items must be 100% FREE and not subject to exchange or sale.

As of this writing, it has over 4200 members. I have just signed up as member #4211 – will you consider being #4212?

Join the Singapore Freecycle Network.


4 responses to “Freecycle!

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  2. Hi Pilgrim Parent, Welcome to Freecycle! I found out about it in UK and felt that it is the best thing that can happen! It is in the true generosity of passing things and letting things get a perpetual ‘life’. Thanks for posting it and getting others to get on!

  3. Just found out about freecycle and it sounds amazing. Haven’t tried it out yet, will need to see if I’ve anything at the moment to offer to it and also list out things I need to look for in particular.
    I’m also thinking of starting a Green Issues Singapore blog and have already started a yahoogroup titled Green Issues. 🙂

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