Too. Much. Stuff.

After hosting 6 multi-family garage sales, it’s become painfully clear to me that we are living in a consumer society in which we often buy things we don’t really need, or in quantities that we don’t require. (True of the Pilgrim family too, by the way.)

Which is why I was struck by what’s going In The Trenches of Motherhood. This mother of seven is taking one year off buying anything other than essentials, and writes some great posts about (non-)shopping at Target and Ikea. And then today, a friend sent me the link to The Story of Stuff, a compelling (though somewhat long) video about the crisis of our materialist economy. Watch it, if only for the superb graphics.

What will you do about it?


5 responses to “Too. Much. Stuff.

  1. After packing, moving, unpacking for numerous times and looking at the amount of things one accumulates, I, too, have reached the point of not buying any more things except essentials. Very often, we don’t need what we buy. At the same time, when there is a need to buy at all, I’d rather seek out garage sales or on freecycle. We are simply over-consuming.

  2. I wish we could do a garage sale for my mom – her place is overflowing with stuff. Wonder if we could make a family resolution (??)

  3. By the way, I sent the Story of Stuff to my colleagues – it’s disturbing & convicting.

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  5. hi pilgrim mom, thanks for your very enlightening entries. i clicked onto your link from precious parenting moments. ann =)

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