Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Pilgrim Dad has just taught Athos and Porthos how to play one of the built-in games on his mobile phone and they are both hooked. It’s a game of speed, requiring the player to manoeuvre his token left and right in order to collect points.

I’ve been wondering what the big deal was, so last night I decided to play the game for myself. With Athos and Porthos watching, I fumbled my way through and really had a hard time trying to get the thing to do my bidding. Both of them got really excited shouting instructions at me. Eventually Porthos said,

“Mommy, I will play and you can watch how I do it. This game is not for fat fingers.”


2 responses to “Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

  1. Last Saturday, Porthos looked me square in the eye and said that adults have fat fingers so they can’t play the game! By the way, he loves to sing – we sang all the way from your place to my mom’s to your mom’s!

  2. Yah, not only do adults have fat fingers, they have numbed fingers as well.!

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