A 6-Year-Old Muses On the Law

The Pilgrim family has been working on reducing our carbon footprint, and one of the things we’re talking to the kids about is to walk wherever possible. Which then led to an interesting conversation with Athos this morning:

Athos: Mommy, does Singapore have a government?

Pilgrim Mom: Too much if you ask me. Yes of course.

Athos: Then why can’t the government make a law to tell people to walk to nearby places?

I was stumped for an answer, and our subsequent discussion touched on crime and punishment, enforcement, and what the law is for. I am pretty sure very little of it made any sense to him.

So how would you have responded?


One response to “A 6-Year-Old Muses On the Law

  1. Ha ha, a born civil servant. I wonder if LKY asked his mom the same question?

    You could tell him that there are already some laws – petrol tax, ERP and COE.

    Heh, you could try an experiment – give Athos some vouchers to buy energy in the house e.g. for DVD watching. He could choose to buy or save, or even trade them with Porthos 🙂

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