Concourse – Slated for the History Books

Porthos’ birthday party is a few days away so we made the obligatory trip to The Concourse at Beach Road. I wrote a post about this wonderful oasis of party supplies almost a year ago in the run-up to Porthos’ 4th birthday. It’s a wonderful hub of Christmas lights and music and decorations now, and we found everything that we needed there.

BUT… I was a little dismayed to learn that the Concourse is part of the en-bloc wave that is sweeping through Singapore, and all the tenants are required to move out by Feb 2008. The building is just barely 10 years old! And as it turns out, we are losing more than just a party supplies hub. This is a description I found on NLB’s Singapore Infopedia

[On Beach Road] there are buildings of world class architecture, “The Gateway” twin towers … designed by internationally renowned Chinese-American architect, I. M. Peh, was officially opened in April 1990; and “The Concourse” 41 storeys, designed by architect Paul Rudolph, officially opened on 13 January 1994. The Concourse, arguably Singapore’s most unique building, had its architectural building model on an “architecture exhibition tour” around the world, as an example of its pleasant, outstanding and unconventional building design.

Anyhow, for anyone who is interested, about 8 of the tenants will be moving to the 5th floor of Tekka Mall on Serangoon Road, and another cluster will be on the ground floor of ICB Building on Middle Road.

UPDATE on 14 May 2008 – I went to Tekka Mall today. Only 2 of the tenants sell toys and party supplies. The rest are home decor and plastic flora suppliers.


6 responses to “Concourse – Slated for the History Books

  1. What?! I’m so sad too. I loved going to the old Blanco Court and then the Concourse. In fact I bought my wedding favours at the Concourse!

    Sigh… that’s life in Singapore. I told hubby that when we’re old and our kids are grown up, there’ll be no places left for us to relive our dating days!

  2. You know what? Thank goodness for your post, i now know where to find those tenants who have moved out of one of my fave haunts – ‘The Concourse’!! I love hosting parties…well, now i gonna run all over Singapore to find all the party stuff i need…..omggg. Thanks again!!!!!!! 😉

  3. Hello there,

    Have you got the numbers to any of the party supplies shop at tekka mall? I had their number and threw the card away accidentally.

    Thanks…if you do have it, please email it to me.

    Thank you.


  4. Wasted my trip down to concourse, and was shock to find out all shops were moved out.

    Searching thru de net, finally found your site with the info, as I’ve been haunting all over that area but couldn’t find any…

    Thks for de info, shall make a trip down to Tekka Mall. Appreciated! 😀

  5. Was looking for Steven, he is a psychic used to have a gems shop on the ground floor of concourse. Any idea where he has moved? He is not in Tekka mall .

  6. Hi, I’m a journalist doing a story about party shops. Your comments were very interesting and I would love to speak to you on it further, please drop me an email if possible and we can take it from there.

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