Buccaneers for Breakfast

Most mornings at the Pilgrim household are a mad rush of getting breakfast in, uniforms on, and everyone out, so that the boys get to kindergarten on time.

Which is why breakfast on weekends is a precious time for us. We’ve taken to calling it “Family Breakfast”, and the ritual is that the boys get to choose what they want to eat, help to prepare it, set the table, we all say grace and eat together, and there’s always a big jug of iced Milo that sometimes lasts us until lunchtime.

I’ve mentioned the idea of edible art before – here and here – and highly recommend it as a fun and creative way to engage kids. Athos and Porthos hadn’t done it in a while, and as they were working on breakfast this past weekend, they decided to get creative.

Here is Pilgrim Dad’s breakfast of two sunny-side-ups, two slices of toast, one (very modest) slice of cheese, and a bratwurst.




My breakfast takes a little explaining. Porthos, coming to 5 years old now, has been learning how to crack an egg into the frying pan. He doesn’t always get it right and the mangled result always winds up on Mummy’s plate (of course).

Still we encourage him, and in this case, Athos thought it looked like the bloodied eye of a pirate (well spotted!) So a pirate it was.



But the boys agreed that pirates should look altogether nastier. So they came up with Blackbeard version 2.0



3 responses to “Buccaneers for Breakfast

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  2. Hi PP–sounds like a nice ritual you have there in the morning (smile). I think families might consider something like you suggest, so that they share solid time together before they start their day (smile)!

  3. NP, thanks! You’re right, rituals are so very important to the life of any family. If I was more of a morning person we might attempt weekday breakfast rituals but I’m not šŸ™‚

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