The Dancer Is Going Clockwise. (Isn’t She?)

This piece from an Australian online paper is making the rounds on the Internet. I was utterly fascinated (and frustrated) by it, and have only just minutes ago managed to make it turn anti-clockwise.

Give it a go.


8 responses to “The Dancer Is Going Clockwise. (Isn’t She?)

  1. For me it is mostly clockwise but it often turns anti-clockwise, maybe 70:30, so at first I thought it was a fake and that the direction was programmed to change every now and then. BUT then Dora and I looked at the same time and we both saw different things. For Dora it was mostly clockwise, but after a while she saw anti-clockwise for a bit, while I was seeing changes the whole time that she did not perceive. Amazing! Ha, as I write this Dora just said ‘together we are the complete brain!’

  2. Yes, I realised it was a bona fide optical illusion because a whole bunch of us stood in front of my laptop and we all saw it differently – some like you said she switched directions randomly, some could make her switch at will, and ME, I couldnt see anything except clockwise. It drove me berserk.

    Did you notice how clockwise, her right foot is out and anticlockwise its her left foot? Nifty.

  3. Alright, what’s the matter with me? I can only see anti-clockwise. JL sees clockwise and doesn’t know how the heck I’m seeing anti. I say the same about him. I can’t get her to go clock-wise. Frustrating! And I used to pride myself in being able to use my right-brain.


  5. Haha. You sound just like me a few days ago. I was tearing my hair out….

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  7. See now, the first time I saw this she was going clockwise…now she’s going counterclockwise. How did I change it? I’m boggled!

  8. Well, I think the images changed!!! I saw it going anti clockwise with right leg raised and goig clockwise with left leg raised! Someone from another forum also said this woman change direction after sometime!!! boohooo

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