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If Cakes Could Fly…

My earlier post on DIY cakes for the fun-loving and frugal was an attempt to show how easy and fun it can be to make your own birthday cake as an alternative to the store-bought stuff.

In that spirit, I just had to link everyone over to this aeroplane cake (A380 no less) by Auntie D over at The Camel Diairies – what a delight to behold, and surely a joy in the making too!

And God blessed the seventh day…

Another sunset on Tanjong Beach, Sentosa


The Athos Squadron

Athos went on Lego overdrive recently and created this. A reminder of why Lego is one of my all-time favourite activities for kids:


VivoCity Sky Park

We discovered the VivoCity Sky Park!

In response to my earlier post on the VivoCity playground, Kumquat commented that one floor above it, there was a cool wading pool. We finally had the opportunity to check it out for ourselves and it is just marvellous. It’s an open-air deck overlooking Sentosa and the sea, with a wading pool that doesn’t go beyond knee-deep, an amphitheatre, and lots of space for running about without getting in anyone’s way. Just adjacent to the Sky Park is a food court (the excellent Food Republic), as well as the Sentosa Express station.

Definitely a place to come back to, and three cheers to VivoCity for building such a generous play area into their facility. Pictures follow Continue reading

Nature On Tape

I took Aramis out for a walk this evening and we did the masking tape activity again – described in this post.

His fine motor skills have developed a lot since the last time, and he seemed to enjoy sticking on the bits and pieces I gave him, as well as exploring the stickiness of the tape in general (finger on, finger off, ooh, sticky! Two fingers on, two fingers off, oooh, still sticky! Now for the palm… you get the general picture)

Here is what we ended with: Continue reading