Junk Art

Am I the only crazy mother around who collects toilet rolls like they were precious gems?


Anyway, we have a large box at home where I toss stuff like toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, empty tissue boxes, old magazines, egg cartons and other odds and ends. The kids call this the Junk Art box, and they are free to use it whenever they like, to create whatever they like.


Here is the space shuttle Porthos made a couple of weekends ago, without any assistance from me.  He used a paper towel roll, two toilet paper rolls, part of a cardboard egg carton, and covered it with wrapping paper and green paint.




2 responses to “Junk Art

  1. Hey! i was reading your blog and found about that you like green stuff!

    we are organing an eco picnic in Nov at Admiralty Park and wonder if you are keen?

    are you also in touch with other green minded peeople like you?

  2. Hi, I found this picture on Google images some time ago and used it on my blog for a post I did regarding storing used grocery bags in the paper towel tubes. I apologize for using it without your permission. I had no idea it was your picture. I can delete the pic if you want or I can link to your blog in the post. Please let me know.
    Thanks, Julie
    PS – Here’s the post. http://www.frominmatestoplaydates.com/2008/12/17/what-a-neat-idea/

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