To my very great horror, I put on my favourite pair of jeans only to find that they were Too Tight.

Can’t be, said I to myself, as I forced my way into them anyway. But spilled over the waist of my jeans like a baked muffin, I couldn’t deny the truth any longer. And as I stood on the weighing scales, wondering where oh where these extra kilograms came from, I resolved that I would have to Do Something About It.

It’s been a while since I’ve done real exercise. I’ve been complacent I admit, figuring that between work and sleep deprivation and chasing after three kids, there was neither reason nor room for excess fat to stay on. After my last pair of track shoes gave up the ghost last year, I didn’t bother to replace them.

And as circumstances would have it, my colleagues are heavy snackers who somehow manage to resemble pole vaults. Last week, one of them brought THREE packs of Tim Tams to our weekly meeting. (They were very good, by the way.)

Anyway, all this is simply to say that I, Pilgrim Mom, will not panic but with the calm discipline and steely resolve befitting a grown woman, will take immediate action to redress this deplorable situation.

Right after I’ve had that slice of cheesecake sitting in the fridge.


3 responses to “Aaargh!

  1. Lol. Don’t we all have moments like these? Can I have some of your cheesecake too? Yum.

  2. If anyone knows how to get rid of muffin tops without exercise (too lazy) or a tummy tuck (hubby won’t allow it), please email me. 🙂

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