Viva VivoCity Playground!

I’m not big on bringing kids to a mall as a way of passing time. But I have to say, the open-air playground at VivoCity is quite something. The space is huge, the equipment unique, and there are sheltered seats for weary parents like me. There’s also a nifty water feature that kids would love running through, great for the typical sweltering Singapore day.

Some pictures for anyone who’s curious









3 responses to “Viva VivoCity Playground!

  1. My two girls enjoy the Playground there. One level up from there is a huge wading area. Great for toddlers to splash in the water. It’s almost like a swimming pool. Bad thing is there is no showering area. Have to just wipe off and go.

  2. I am totally with you on the kid-friendliness of the place. Even within the mall, it’s spacious enough for a kid to whizz around on his tricycle … *ahem*. Kudos to the people who planned and built VC – that’s why the shops there have first claim on this mom’s disposable income!

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