Why I Love My Sarong Sling

How did I survive a two-hour walking tour with three boys under seven?

I don’t quite know. But I’m sure my sarong sling had something to do with it. Months ago I wrote a comparison of the baby carrier and sarong sling. Since then Aramis has outgrown the carrier, but the sling is still extremely useful as a baby hands-free kit 🙂

The more interesting comparison now is between the sling and a pram. Although the pram is less physically demanding (I don’t have to bear the baby’s weight), I’ve come to the conclusion that most times, the sling wins hands down. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. You don’t have to worry about folding/unfolding/storing a sling, nor navigating over steps and hurdles along your way.
  2. With a sling, your hands are almost always free. This is extremely helpful if you have two other kids to mind….
  3. Wearing your baby means you can keep him close and talk to him about the world around you.
  4. It also means you can feed him while you walk. (Some mothers who are more adept with their slings are even able to breastfeed on the go. Awesome.)
  5. And which mother can resist having a child asleep in her bosom? Here is little Aramis having his morning nap during our walking tour of Labrador Park.



8 responses to “Why I Love My Sarong Sling

  1. I’ve been itching to get myself a sarong sling…I’d been using my baby bjorn for the 4. As much as I love the bjorn, my only complaint is that there is only 1 spot for the baby – right in front…which makes it hard to cook. With the sling, I’d imagine I would have more options.
    God willing, I’ll have an opportunity to use a sarong sling 😉

  2. I’ve always preferred the sarong sling. I find the baby carrier cumbersome and actually find it more difficult to use. My older son when he was a baby and now my baby girl can only nap in a sarong sling when we’re out. Definitely one of my most worthwhile buys!

  3. I was a huge proponent of the sling with No. 1, and wound up being the proud owner of a total of 3 of them! (must colour coordinate rite?) and then with No 2, I discovered the Bjorn, and changed my mind, preferring the Bjorn to the sling, till recently, when No.2 got heavier and the Bjorn just killed my back and now I’ve dumped my Bjorn in favor of the sling, which I have found to be incredibly helpful not just with No 2, who’s a year old, but also No 1, who’s now 27 months! incidentally, I’ve just gotten myself a Baby Ergo, and I’ll let you know how that compares after I’ve tried it.

  4. Do you know that you could “double” sling? i.e. have a child on the front with 1 sling and another on the back with the 2nd sling? I’m not sure if it has to be a particular brand of sling.

    That should keep your posture really straight, won’t it?! 🙂

  5. Aie, all this talk about the sling makes me want to buy another. The one I have is a very old model in blue cotton. But the recent renditions come in such wonderful hues and fabrics!

    Mustard Seed Mum – double sling and dreams of a fifth?! Hats off to you as always.

  6. erm, I think that yes, perhaps your posture will be really straight, but your back and shoulders are going to just ache like MAD from the weight! ha ha!

  7. One question – how do you make him stay so snug in the sling? I always end up with the sling almost slipping off cos my babe squirms so much! She keeps swivelling her entire upper body here and there to get a good look at things, and I end up holding her up AND trying to hold the sling at the same time!!

  8. WD, when Aramis was smaller, I had to support him quite often too. But every time he squirmed dangerously, I would sternly tell him NO. He’s better now and doesn’t do it as much. He’s also bigger now and doesn’t have as much room to budge. I also make sure the edge of the sling under his legs goes all the way past his thigh to under his knee, and the other edge is brought all the way up to his armpit if possible. (Does that make sense?)

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