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Oil Painting!

Another food colouring post! (Hey, I have so many bottles, gotta find some way to use them up….)

Porthos asked to make volcanoes the other day. We didn’t have sodium bicarbonate on hand, so on the spur of the moment, I suggested something different. We know that every time we use food colouring with water or vinegar, the solution completely changes colour. I asked Porthos what would happen with oil and he assumed the same thing would happen.

“Let’s see” I said.

So we Continue reading


Ebay Meets Blogger

I found this by way of Raising Mustard Seeds. It was so funny I had to re-post the link here. Having many kids is a sure-fire recipe to developing a sense of humour. You’d go mad otherwise!

Edited: The eBay listing is no longer valid but the seller reposted the piece on her own blog.

Junk Art

Am I the only crazy mother around who collects toilet rolls like they were precious gems?


Anyway, we have a large box at home where I toss stuff like toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, empty tissue boxes, old magazines, egg cartons and other odds and ends. The kids call this the Junk Art box, and they are free to use it whenever they like, to create whatever they like.


Here is the space shuttle Porthos made a couple of weekends ago, without any assistance from me.  He used a paper towel roll, two toilet paper rolls, part of a cardboard egg carton, and covered it with wrapping paper and green paint. Continue reading

And God blessed the seventh day…


Wildness And Wet On St John’s Island

Last week, my work department went for some team bonding at St John’s Island. Many of us hadn’t been there in a long while, and for me, it was a sheer delight to be out of the office and in the wild on a workday afternoon.

The only way to the island is by ferry from Marina South Pier – $15 for adults, $12 for kids (which includes island admission). Click here for the schedule. If the group is large enough, it’s possible to charter a ferry. I didn’t realise this but there is even a holiday bungalow and campgrounds – read more here. If you do intend to go though, please note that there are no shops of any sort on the island, so you’ll need to bring your own food and water.

Here’s our boat approaching the island: Continue reading

Paper-Plate Frisbee

This term, Athos’ class is doing a project on toys. He came back from school with this lovely contraption (which I at first mistook for a sunshade, much to his annoyance….) Turns out its a frisbee made from gluing together two paper plates with their middles cut out. It flew pretty decently too!

Something for all crafty mothers out there to try with their kids.


NDP – An Artist’s Impression

Evidently, the National Day Parade made quite an impression on Porthos. I came back from work and he presented me with this drawing: Continue reading