End of the Spear

We watched this movie with some friends a few nights ago. End of the Spear tells the true story of 5 young missionaries who make first contact with a remote Ecuadorian tribe, and wind up dying by their spears. Despite the horror of the encounter, the widows choose to continue with their mission, leading to a conclusion that is a powerful demonstration of forgiveness, grace and redemption.

As humans, our natural tendency is to live for the here and now, to make the most of our earthly days. When someone’s life is cut short, it is difficult for us to fathom why God would let something like that happen, particularly if the person led a blameless life. End of the Spear reminded me that the course of human history and destiny is far, far larger than my life, or even the life of any family, community or civilisation. The death of a few good men makes no sense the morning after, but seen decades later is an act of divine grace.

I’m not sure I would be able to respond the way those missionary wives did. But by God’s grace, I hope my vision grows longer by the day. If you’ve read as far as this, thank you, and may eternity do its leavening work upon your heart.


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