Botanic Gardens: Lushness!

I had a rare morning off work today. So after dropping the boys off at school, Aramis and I had a little date at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Now gung-ho as I was, I thought it would be wiser to attempt this only after having some caffeine in my system. (Despite my earlier bravado about weaning, I am, I’m sorry to say, still nursing at night. We don’t call him Suckzilla for nothing….)

And here is where I start my rave about the newly renovated Botanic Gardens. You might recall the old Visitors Centre, which had only Cafe Les Amis for food. Not kind to price-sensitive mother of three. The new Visitors Centre now has a foodcourt discreetly tucked in the basement. It is brightly lit, with both indoor and outdoor (non-smoking) seating, and the standard variety of foodstalls. Somehow this simple change made the Gardens feel like it was as much for Singaporeans as it was for tourists.

Here is my coffee and, ahem, partially consumed kaya toast (total $2.60)


We then went up to street level and here is what greeted us


Greenness, lushness, pram-friendliness. Beautiful! Aramis was at once taken in by the koi pond, and I discovered they sold fish food at the Visitors Centre for visitors to feed the koi ($1 per packet, and the plastic container is recyclable!)


Here is Aramis feeding the fish.


The further in we walked, the less we heard the sound of the busy Holland Road, and the more we were enveloped by trees and shrubs and the sounds of water and cicadas. We also saw a few dragonflies and two spiders, one who was weaving his web until Aramis tried to touch him.

It it weren’t for an appointment with the mechanic, I would gladly have stayed another hour.


One response to “Botanic Gardens: Lushness!

  1. Yes, it’s one of our (hubby and I) favourite places. The new foodcourt has made it more convenient to visit without packing food. Downside is that it’s very crowded on weekends and I hate to queue for table and food. My son loves running on the grass and feeding the fish at the pond.

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