Porthos Contemplates Love

Here’s an excerpt from tonight’s pre-bedtime conversation:

Pilgrim Mom: Mommy loves you very much.

Porthos: Yes.

PM: Do you know what “love” means?

Porthos: It means hearts.

PM: You mean you draw hearts for people you love?

Porthos: Yes.

PM: That’s true. What else does “love” mean?

Porthos: (thinking) It means you are nice to them.

PM: Yes that’s true too. Can you think of anything else?

Porthos: (snuggling up to me) It means you cuddle them!

A good few minutes later….

Porthos: Hey Mommy! I love you.

Followed, needless to say, by a big round of hugs and kisses 🙂


One response to “Porthos Contemplates Love

  1. That’s so lovely! Porthos has a very charming and sweet side to him. We must remember that when he shows us his other side 🙂

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