A Good Deed?

A few nights ago, Athos and Porthos are watching a video. Here’s the conversation that ensued:

Porthos: Mommy I’m thirsty

Pilgrim Mom: Go get some water then.

Porthos stands up, edges towards the kitchen, his eyes all the while glued to the TV.

Pilgrim Mom: (to Athos) Why don’t you pause the video so your brother can get some water.

Athos: OK. (pauses video) I’ll get the water for you.

Athos goes to the kitchen and fetches Porthos some water. I feel moved by and thankful for the kindness of my eldest son.

Pilgrim Mom: That was really nice of you, to get your brother some water.

Athos: (restarting video) It’s much faster when I get it.

So much for brotherly altruism….


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