Bullied by a Baby?

A few moments ago, Aramis woke up crying, and insisted on being rocked back to sleep.

Not wanting to wake the other two boys, I obliged.

But it’s a hot sweltering night and he was still squirming after a while. Then he sat bolt upright, pointed quite firmly towards the middle of the room and said, “Unngh”.

Again, I obliged, not quite sure why that spot was so special. He seemed to settle down. I walked away, and he sat up again, and with the same insistent “UNNGH”, pointed me back to the middle of the room.

Sleep deprived mother that I am, I finally figured out what he was after – the breeze from the ceiling fan. Is it my imagination or has the cherub got me wrapped me around his little finger??


One response to “Bullied by a Baby?

  1. no, not your imagination. 🙂

    For some reason we seem more affected that way with the subsequent babies…maybe it’s the “this is possibly my last baby” syndrome?

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