Graffiti With Homemade Fingerpaints – Ifs, Ands, Buts

The post on fingerpainting your shower wall drew some interest and, understandably, concerned questions. So here’s an attempt to address them.

But first, it needs to be said that my standards for housekeeping are not what anyone would call high. I am content in neatness or in mess, so long as the home remains pest, rodent and odour-free. Since I live in a household of four boys (3 small and 1 big), it seems to me a sensible way to keep my sanity intact.

So on to the question of the staining effects of food colouring.

  1. On skin – YES. I have come to accept that the splotches of colour will remain for a day or two. I can live with that. One day the world will tell our children that it is unacceptable to be seen in public with ink on your fingers and playdough in your hair. I don’t feel the need to hasten that day 🙂
  2. On tiles – NO. Not on my shower tiles anyway, which are a vulnerable white and made of glazed ceramic. The fingerpaint recipe is more soap than anything else, and if you wash it off as soon as they are done, it should come off.
  3. On grouting – NO. But I should add that my shower is well-grouted and the material probably matters (epoxy?).

I took the risk and let them at it. But that’s me, foolhardy mother of three. The safer approach would probably be to make a small batch and test it on a corner of your wall (while the kids are asleep). Leave it an hour or so and see how well in washes off.

Consider yourself forewarned! And I’d love to hear how your attempts go. Assuming you are still up to visiting this blog when your bathroom has turned various shades of blue and purple 🙂


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