One of my favourite materials for preschool art and craft is aluminium foil. It’s easily manipulated, torn and shaped by little hands, it can hold its position without glue or tape, and best of all, it’s shiny!

I was first inspired when Pilgrim Dad and I happened upon this exhibition at the Esplanade last year:

wireart01.jpg wireart02.jpg wireart03.jpg

In case it’s not immediately obvious, these figures are crafted out of wire. The last picture is a man on his knees cradling a baby. I loved how the sculptures appeared at once ephemeral and solid.

Anyhow, it occured to me the same malleability might be achieved with foil, and we’ve never looked back since! Here are some things we’ve done so far:

Athos’ attempt at a Volkswagen


Porthos’ kitchen-roll telescope, a trusty aid on his buccaneering adventures


Porthos’ shoe-box treasure chest, currently containing rocks he’s collected, plus aforementioned telescope


An anchor, which Athos made for a school project



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