Bedside Manners

“Your babies are going to be born soon,” declares Porthos.

Whoa, I think. Is my son uttering a prophecy?

Not quite. The dear fellow runs off and fetches his doctor kit and stuffed toys. In the next few minutes, I have given birth to a bear, a daschund and a pug. Athos joins in the game. My two young doctors check the newborns with their medical equipment, wrap them gently in muslin and pass them to me. I cradle them, thank the doctors, and praise them for their kindness.

These boys will make wonderful fathers some day, I think. It warms my heart to see how tender they are.

As usual, I have forgotten that we are playing doctor.

“Oh no!” cries Athos, listening through his stethoscope. “Your baby’s heart is making funny sounds – boom, boom, boom”

“And Pug has swallowed a cuckoo clock!” chimes Porthos.

And before I know it, my new babies are whisked off to brutal surgery, multiple injections and what looks like near-lethal doses of medicine.

End of tender interlude.


3 responses to “Bedside Manners

  1. Hi PP–sooo funny and sweet. When our little ones play doctor, it can get pretty darn wacky.
    Do they ever want to be nurses?

  2. That’s a great question – both boys used to be fine playing nurses. But sometime this past year, Athos decided that only girls are nurses. Who taught him that?!

  3. Hahahaha…they are good in “acting”. Glad i found your blog.

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