How Much Fun Can You Have With Toilet Paper?

Here’s another party game that’s one of my favourites. It’s high on fun and low on cost and effort. We’ve played it twice and it was a hoot both times, for the kids at least!

All you need are 4 rolls of toilet paper and 2 big-hearted volunteer adults, roughly equal in size (the 2 adults I mean, not the toilet paper vs adult!). Split the kids into two teams and assign one adult to each team. At the word ‘go’, the kids are to wrap the adults in toilet paper. They can do so any way they choose – bottom-up and top-down, or from the middle out. Stop after 5 minutes and the team which has made the most progress wins.

Every time we’ve played this, it’s never really mattered who won or lost – just how silly the adults looked 🙂

Here is one of Athos’ guests at work


And here you see the final outcome. The good sports pictured are Grandma and Grandpa. (Who but grandparents would agree to this madness?)



One response to “How Much Fun Can You Have With Toilet Paper?

  1. absolutely one mightily hilarious sight to behold …. i am mulling over the possibility of persuading my mum (aka grandma) to be mummified by my toddler 🙂

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