Ring Toss Your Way To A Goodie Bag

A goodie bag is standard issue at most parties. Instead of simply giving them out to the kids, why not make them earn their goodies? You get a party game out of it, and they get a sense of achievement! Here are some possibilities:

  • A treasure hunt where they get to keep whatever they find. One fun variation we did was to completely darken the room containing the “treasure”, give each child a flashlight for the hunt, and let them keep the flashlight as part of their goodie bag.
  • A memory game. Lay out the goodies and let the children look at them for a minute. Then cover them. The children take turns to recall what they saw, and whatever they remember, they get to keep.
  • A ring toss where they keep whatever they are able to snag. We used bottles of bubble solution as both the toss target and the prize (see picture below)

I should add that as the parent, you’ll need to make An Important Decision. And that is: should all kids leave with roughly the same stash in their bags? Or should winning kids get more? An early introduction to the joys and woes of socialism and capitalism 🙂



4 responses to “Ring Toss Your Way To A Goodie Bag

  1. Wow! I really like these ideas, especially the torchlight one! Thanks for sharing them! I mighht try!

    Were there any disgruntled children?

  2. If I recall correctly, Athos was a little unhappy because he didn’t get as much stash as the others. Hence that final point about what goodie distribution system to adopt 🙂 Hope it works for you!

  3. Thanks, Pilgrim Parent for the tip! Yeah, I would definitely consider what you have mentioned.

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