Important Advice for Parents of Preschoolers

Never, never, never leave scissors where your child can reach them.

Because if you do, this is what can happen three days before your child is due to be the pageboy at his aunt’s wedding.


After going completely ballistic, we solved the problem this way.


7 responses to “Important Advice for Parents of Preschoolers

  1. Indeed that would. The reckless, swashbuckling, scissors-what-a-cool-toy-I-should-try-it-on-my-hair Porthos.

  2. mum & I are having a mighty good laugh, and then quickly looking over the house to make sure that the scissors aren’t anywhere within En’s reach so I won’t have a similar story to blog about!

  3. Gasp! But the new look is cute, too 😉

  4. Just linked to you from Owlhaven.

    We had a scissor offender too, but the second time she got smart and cut her brother’s hair instead. She was five at the time.

    “But Mom, I need to practice if I want to be a haircutter when I grow up.”

    Me: “Max, why did you let her do it?”

    Max: “Because I love her.” (More like she can be very persuasive, aka pushy, but he does so love her too.)

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