Blissful in Bintan

Last weekend, the Pilgrim family went to Bintan for a holiday. It was our first trip out of Singapore since Aramis was born, and it was delightful!

Our journey started with a 55-minute catamaran ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. The vessel was airconditioned and comfortable, and the kids liked looking out the window and watching the world pass by. (I did, however, wish there was an open-air deck for passengers to take in the sea breeze – that’s one of my abiding memories from childhood boat rides.)

At Bintan, a bus came to bring us to the resort. Bintan has a huge variety – check them out here – and we stayed at Bintan Lagoon Resort, which is where the Aviva Bintan Triathlon was being held (yes Pilgrim Dad is a triathlete, or as he might put it – a “try-athlete”!). The hotel seemed to be fully booked, yet there was still a sense of tranquillity and space about the resort.

Our room was a ground-floor sea-facing unit, just a few minutes stroll from the pool and beach. The room had a king-sized bed (which the boys loved to bounce on), as well as a bay window with a large day bed, more than enough room for all of us.

The highlight for us was the beach. The water was clear, the sand was fine, and the sea sloped in so gently that you could walk in for many metres and still find yourself only waist-deep in water. There was a rocky outcrop at one end of the beach where we found many crabholes (though only a few crabs) and tiny fishes swimming in and out with the waves. The boys loved it, and even little Aramis took a shine to the surf.

The funny thing was: we were halfway to the ferry terminal when we realised we’d forgotten to bring our camera! Our first family vacation too! Yet somehow I didn’t regret it. I find that modern technology sometimes gets me so wrapped up in capturing the moment that I forgot to be in the moment. And without our camera, we could be all there. Touching, smelling, seeing, and remembering it forever in our hearts.


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